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Undergraduate Program

Majors and Minors

The Department of Classical and Near Eastern Studies offers undergraduate degree programs in Classics (with sub-plans in Greek, Latin, Greek and Latin, and Classical Civilization) and Biblical Studies, as well as minors in Biblical Studies, Classical Civilization, Greek, Hebrew, Latin and Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology.

Our major and minor programs are part of a rigorous and exciting liberal arts education that emphasizes:
  • critical reading and thinking skills;
  • effective oral and written communication of information and ideas;
  • a thorough understanding of the methods by which society, culture, and language are studied.

Our students are prepared not only for graduate work in fields such as ancient Near Eastern studies, Biblical studies, or classics, but also for any professional training or career that requires critical thinking and communication skills. All of our majors provide a good foundation for law school or—with appropriate coursework—medical school, as well as any number of other careers. Our minor programs allow students to develop their knowledge and skills in an area of the Department beyond the intermediate level while they pursue majors and career goals in another field.

The Department, the College of Liberal Arts, and the University offer excellent resources for the study of Mediterranean and Near Eastern antiquity. The faculty in Classical and Near Eastern Studies includes nationally and internationally known scholars, several of whom are winners of teaching awards, both local and national. In addition, there are faculty members in several related departments whose teaching and research complement that of the Department's own faculty. Research resources range from the specialized collection of the Department's own library to the University's library holdings and to the museum collections of the Twin Cities. Every year a number of lectures are given by distinguished visitors in all of the fields represented in the Department. Many of our language students act as tutors for first and second year classes in Greek, Hebrew, and Latin.

The Department strives to be a vital and stimulating intellectual home to its students, staff, faculty, and friends.


Related Information

For more information or to declare a major or minor in a program offered by CNES, contact:

Oliver Nicholson
Director of Undergraduate Studies
245 Nicholson Hall

Erin West
Executive Ofc and Admin Specialist
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